Urn Style Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor Classics Rainy Creek Outdoor Fountain

Urns were originally containers to hold the ashes of the dead. The Greeks practiced cremation of the dead, particularly soldiers, and would place the ashes of the dead in these elaborately decorated urns. The practice was also popular in Roman culture where funeral urns were typically displayed together in collective family tombs called columbariums. Urns […]

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Product Spotlight: Monroe Cascade Fountain

Outdoor Classics White Monroe Cascade Solar On Demand Fountain

The ceramic cascade water fountain line is a very popular style currently. Each bowl has a nice glaze finish, and the horizontal tiered style creates pleasing water sounds outdoors. Plus, they’re solar fountains, so they are free to run in the summer. Water Fountain Place has recently come out with a new type of cascade […]

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Product Spotlight: Outdoor Classics 4-Tier Pineapple Fountain

Outdoor Classics 4-Tier Pineapple Fountain

What’s great about tiered fountains is the dynamic water sounds they produce. Depending on the height from which the water is descending, you can get a “waterfall” like sound. Usually the water is spilling into the next basin from three or four points around the bowl, down 2 to 4 levels. As the streams of […]

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Outdoor Decor Ideas For Fall

Autumn Leaves

Fall is one of the easiest and most fun seasons to decorate for. Pumpkins, bright autumn leaves, and the rustic red look are all in. Here are some things I love to do with my outdoors when fall rolls around: Add Fall Foliage to Your Deck. During this time, it can be inexpensive to get faux […]

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Spice Up Your Pond with Floating Fountains

Large Floating Lily Solar Pond Fountain

Need to spice up your pond? Here are three floating fountains which will add character and visual beauty to your pond without much work! Large Floating Lily Solar Pond Fountain- Shaped like a lily, this resin floating fountain will blend right in. It comes with 4 different spray heads for varying spray patterns, so you […]

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Indoor Wall fountains – Perfect Choice for Interior Decorating

Whispering Creek

Indoor wall fountains not only add elegance and beauty to your home or office, but also take you to a stress-relieving environment. Especially if you work from home, a fountain can be a peaceful addition to your work area and help you focus better during the day. Indoor wall fountains are the major source for […]

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Benefit of Solar Water Fountain

Blue Ceramic Cascade Solar Fountain

I have always wanted one or two garden fountains at home, but feared the extra energy bills. I have seen them at various locations and even outside the homes of some of my friends. When I visit them we often spend the time chatting outside lounging in their patio furniture and staring at their outdoor […]

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Removing White Scale from Water Fountains

Protec Scale and Stain Remover

White scale is that powdery white ring left on the sides of your fountain as the water evaporates. This is a mineral deposit caused by the use of hard water with high calcium contents. As it builds up over time, with multiple refills and evaporation, it can be tough to get off.  The best solution to […]

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How to Clean Indoor Water Fountains Effectively

Alpine 3 Jar Tiering Tabletop Fountain with Rocks

One way to make you indoor fountain an effective piece of indoor décor and extend its lifespan is to clean it properly and frequently. No one wants to look at a statuary fountain stained by white scale or a floor fountain with tainted, slimy water. If you let that kind of thing go on too […]

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DIY Glass Waterfall

Glass Waterfall Feature

If you’re a person who likes DIY projects, this is a good way to make a creative glass waterfall feature while saving money. It gives you the freedom to design exactly what you want and need, and it gives you bragging rights when your friends notice it. “Oh, where did you get that?” to which […]

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