Bring Life to the Office with a Wall Fountain

Custom Logo FountainWall fountains are ideal for office settings because no matter the size, a wall fountain will always fit right in. They don’t take any floor space and act as wall art as well as bringing the audible beauty of flowing water into your indoor space. Great placement ideas include behind a reception area, in the entrance, in a patient room, waiting room or conference room, but you can virtually hang them anywhere.

Depending on the material you choose for your fountain, you can have smooth, steady water sounds or dynamic ones. A wall fountain with a glass face will allow the water to glide down without much noise; whereas, a slate fountain face has more texture causing the water to trickle down, creating more sound. Another way to increase the water’s resonance is to have decorative rocks at the bottom of the fountain’s basin, giving you that dynamic “waterfall” sound. But, be careful with the rock level—you don’t want to splash water on the floor.

Another popular idea is a logo wall fountain.  Depending on the fountain and the intricacy of the logo, for a nominal fee you can have your business logo or motto engraved into the fountain face. It’s another unique way for your customer to remember you! Your new art piece can act as your business sign as well and do your advertising for you!  And, that’s something not a lot of businesses have. So, if you’re looking for unique décor for your office space, you should peruse some wall fountain options.

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