Bringing Outdoor Design Elements Inside

Imagine relaxing to the sounds of rippling water, surrounded by natural light, and the comfort of your favorite outdoor lounge chair. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could experience the splendor of the outdoors year-round?

The natural world includes many peaceful elements that can bring a sense of ease to any indoor space. By including touches of outdoor décor to your home or office, you can create a unique environment where you will find inspiration and a retreat from the ordinary. Read on to learn how to bring the beauty of the outdoors into any indoor space.

Outdoor Décor Elements for Indoor Spaces

To bring the outdoors into your indoor design, you’ll want to focus on materials, textures and colors that are typically found outside in nature. Look for organic fabrics, wicker, rattan, and reclaimed wood in furnishings and room art. Add the colors of the sunset in complimentary shades to a few select walls to create a dramatic effect.

Let Natural Light Be Your Guide

In terms of adapting outdoor décor elements to your indoor scheme, take advantage of natural lighting and simple lines as much as possible. Create a clean space with natural tones that you’d find in nature, like browns, grays, yellow, green and different shades of white. Stick to this color style throughout your home, and play it up with carefully placed lighting, such as pendant and wall styles made with natural paper shades or recycled glass.

Natural Stone and Water

Design features like bamboo and natural stone floors, granite countertops and walls, and textured marble bathrooms add impact to your indoors. Combine these elements with fire or water, in the form of a stone fireplace or a water fountain in the central gathering areas of your quarters. Choose a custom water fountain that includes soft lighting and the ease of remote control for a modern, yet classic outdoor design touch.

Bringing Green into Your Home Décor

Another simple way to add natural beauty to your indoor space is to add plants that are found typically outdoors, such as lush green tropicals, flowering and vining plants. You’ll find hardy plants like low light palms, ferns, orchids and peace lilies easy to take care of. For additional interest, try growing vining plants by planting them in above eye-level wall planters with wiring to guide shoots.

Show off Collections from the Outdoors

You’ll also want to bring outdoor décor into the scene, by adding seashells, rocks, sand, dried plants, and even driftwood inside. Create an interesting arrangement in a series of crystal clear vases to show off your collection to guests on an entryway table. Alternatively, you may choose to decorate with fruit in tall glass cylinders of varying heights, combined with candlelight or water, all of which can provide a cool scent as well as visual appeal.

Honor the outdoors in your dwelling as you find ways to bring this décor inside. Make sure you try to include eco-friendly materials for furniture, window treatments, floor coverings, linens, and other inside décor accessories.

About the Author: Elena Morgan is an interior designer and freelance writer who enjoys covering modern home décor. When she’s not writing, you can find Elena tackling her own home improvement projects.


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