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Bring Life to the Office with a Wall Fountain

Custom Logo Fountain

Wall fountains are ideal for office settings because no matter the size, a wall fountain will always fit right in. They don’t take any floor space and act as wall art as well as bringing the audible beauty of flowing water into your indoor space. Great placement ideas include behind a reception area, in the […]

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Three Ways to Hide Your Wall Fountain Cord

Romana Lion Wall Fountain

Whether an electric or solar powered wall fountain, you will have a cord coming from your fountain. It’s necessary to power the pump, but if you’re OCD like me, you want to hide that cord the best you can. Here are 3 creative ways to hide that cord: A Lattice-Before mounting your wall fountain, install […]

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The Look, the Feel of Copper Wall Fountains

Oak Leaf Galaxy Wall Fountain

Wall fountains will bring into the inner space of the room a sense of calm and closeness with nature. That feeling of peace that allows you to experience a slight sound of water will defuse stressful situation both at home and office. For wall fountains you can choose a variety of materials. Copper is one […]

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Gorgeous Fountains and Waterfalls for Indoors

When most people think of a fountain or a waterfall, they only think of the outdoors. Most never think of bringing this type of décor indoors. Gorgeous fountains and waterfalls for indoors can be easily constructed or purchased pre-assembled for ease of installation. Indoor water fountains and waterfalls are available through many online retailers, home […]

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The Garden Fountains of Villa d’Este

The Villa d’Este is a villa in Tivoli, near Rome, Italy. It is a fine example of the Renaissance architecture and the Italian Renaissance garden, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The villa itself is surrounded on three sides by a 16th century courtyard sited on the former Benedictine cloister. The central main entrance […]

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Copper Wall Fountains Magnify Office Decor

A close friend of ours opened a new consulting agency, and we wanted to buy her something she could use for her new office. We knew the design style she decided to apply in the interior decoration and based our search for the perfect gift on the criteria to fit that décor. It was not […]

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Wall Fountains = More than a Copper Penny

Why choose a Copper Wall Fountain If you’ve been looking at the options out there for indoor water fountains, you know that the choices can be overwhelming. Due to the rise in popularity of indoor waterfalls, companies have been able to offer more and more options so that there is a fountain out there for […]

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Rustic Outdoor Wall Fountains

Rustic Wall Fountain here

Are you considering a rock wall fountain?   Wall fountains are a great way to add a touch of the outdoors to an indoor area. People love indoor water features for the same reason they love outdoor water features. The sound of running water is soothing, and a waterfall is a beautiful thing to look […]

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Water Fountains for All Areas of Your Home

A large wall fountain can be a stunning addition to your home or your office. Many people love wall fountains because they can really change the feel of a room. Unlike a painting, an indoor water features may also have lights and sound. It’s more dynamic because the water is constantly in motion. Different lighting […]

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Wall Fountain Proper Care

Proper Care for Wall Fountains Having a wall fountain as part of your home decor is not only a visual magnet and a focal point to the complete design style, but it also means healthier and more relaxed ambient for everyone present. The wall fountains are magnificent design accessories to any home décor and not […]

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