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One of the easiest ways to add a little positive vibe into your life is to look into obtaining a feng shui type of design.

To take a step back, the meaning of feng shui is wind and water. It is about the interaction of the elements. The interaction then creates “energy” or a “chi.” So, considering the main components are wind and water, it is easy to see why fountains are an essential part to the feng shui idea!

In addition, they are a simple, inexpensive way to incorporate this modern style into your everyday life. The best part of the feng shui fountains? They are easy to set up and can cost under a hundred dollars!

Choosing what’s right for you is also dependent upon the environment you’d like to feng shui. You can harness and enhance your chi’s both in an office setting, home environment, or other location. Take some time to choose what’s right for you! You can place these fountains in your office, on your floor, in your bedroom – totally customizable to your needs and desires!

Gaia Orb Fountain

Water Bell Fountain with Chimes


The Water Bell Fountain is popular because it is a flexible fountain that would fit well both in your apartment as well as in your garden. It has bell chimes, soothing water sounds, and creates a lot of peaceful energy. Always a winner! Another choice that gels well is a Ceramic Gaia Orb Fountain. This simple design focuses on energy and growth. This makes it perfect to place in a busy office, or in your main living space.

Looking for a bigger statement?  Try a wall hanging fountain or floor standing model as a great central location in a home!  An attractive water fountain can go a long way to adding some feng shui your home!

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