Product Spotlight: Outdoor Classics 4-Tier Pineapple Fountain

Outdoor Classics 4-Tier Pineapple FountainWhat’s great about tiered fountains is the dynamic water sounds they produce. Depending on the height from which the water is descending, you can get a “waterfall” like sound. Usually the water is spilling into the next basin from three or four points around the bowl, down 2 to 4 levels. As the streams of water hit the bottom bowls, a lower water sounds is produced. So, not only do you get a full water sound from each tier, but each level is producing a different pitch. The result is a dynamic and harmonic collection of water sounds which will fill your outdoors with peace.

This particular tiered fountain, the Outdoor Classics 4-Tier Pineapple Fountain, is very popular. With a soft, earthy tone, this fountain blends in with any setting, adding a dramatic centerpiece to your outdoors. It is made from a resin/fiberglass mix so it is much more manageable than a stone fountain. Its composition makes it waterproof and very weather resistant, making it the ideal garden fountain. The water continuously circulates, so there is no need for plumbing an extra water line.

The pump itself is adjustable, so you can find the right speed for your atmosphere. The pump comes with a 6’ electrical cord and plugs into any standard outlet. It’s a 120 volt, 12 watt pump with a max water flow of 185 gallons per hour. It constantly re-circulates the water, making it an easy fountain to own.

So, if you’re looking for a grand addition to your outdoors, I would recommend this fountain.

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