New Look for Senior Photos

Senior year in high school is a big deal. You’re looking at colleges, applying for scholarships, and trying to get out of your hometown. On top of that, you have to take nice photos of yourself to pass out to classmates and family which they’ll put on their fridge forever. You want to look nice, and you don’t want to look like every other person’s photos. There’s the stereotypical picture against a brick wall, against a stone wall, on a bridge, in the park, or sitting on train tracks . . . for some reason.

But, not a lot of people get their picture taken by a water feature. Whether a pond, river, or park fountain, the moving water adds kinetic energy to your photo and visual interest. And, for those girls who are worried about their clothes matching their subsequent surroundings–water is really easy to match. Even a blaze orange vest looks good in front of a fountain. Here are a couple of examples:


Pic Courtesy of heatherprettymanblog

Picture Courtesy of kariphotography

Picture Courtesy of lisasportraits

Picture Courtesy of griswoldhomecare


That last one was a joke. Senior pictures. Ha! Never mind. The point is that posing next to or in a water feature will definitely make your senior picture unique. Where to find a water feature, you ask? Here are a few ideas.

The obvious one would be a public park. Many parks use outdoor water fountains as centerpieces. Another option is a mall or museum. Another potential is your local casino or grand hotel. Most businesses if you ask nicely will allow you to take your senior picture by their water fountain, providing that you don’t steal money out of the bottom. If you live in a small town but are really sold on the idea, do a Google search for big parks or malls near your town. You may not need to drive very far away.

So, there’s a unique idea for senior pictures, and it will really make you stand out.

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