The Swarovski Head Fountain: One of the World’s Most Bizarre Outdoor Fountains

One of the most bizarre outdoor waterfall fountains in existence has to be the headquarters for Swarovski Crystals (formally known as Swarovski Kristallwelten, or Swarovski Crystal World.) Located in Wattens, Austria, this fountain is literally a huge, mossy head built into a hillside, and doubles not only as possibly one of the weirdest outdoor fountains in the world, but also as the entrance to the Swarovski company’s headquarters.

Water spurts forth from the mouth of this huge, somewhat creepy head, into a surrounding pond. Its large eyes seem to glow as it stares straight ahead, daring anyone to trespass.

So why the weird, outrageous fountain entrance? Well, in 1892, firm owner Daniel Swarovski decided to uproot the entire company from Bohemia (now known as the Czech Republic) and replant in the wild, wooly Austrian Tyrol. The Tyrol headquarters are more like a fortress, intended on guarding the companies tools and secret methods from the rest of the world. It seems the fountain is some kind of troll-like gatekeeper, guarding the Swarovski Crystal Company’s fortress and their secrets.


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