Top 10 Benefits to an Auto Fill and Drain System for Your Custom Water Fountain

Fountain Water Control Unit - Auto Fill SystemThere are lots of benefits in having an auto fill and drain system for your water feature. But first, perhaps I should explain what an auto fill system is. Basically, it’s a system which a professional will install in your fountain and run a water line to it. The float on the system works much like the one in your toilet. It monitors the water level, and as the float sinks, it triggers a water refill until it is at a proper level. It frees you from needing to manually refill your fountain. Here are other benefits for installing an auto refill system:

1-The water level will stay consistent which will allow for consistent water sounds.

2-As the water enters the fountain, it is run through a filter which removes minerals in the water, thus helping to eliminate white scale build up.

3-No manual labor needed to add water as it evaporates.

4-No chance of water level getting too low and burning out the pump

5-Cleaner and fresher water making better water flow

6-Less weekly maintenance to keep the fountain clean

7-Longer periods (extra 1-2 more months) between complete cleaning of water fountain

8-Able to use regular water instead of distilled

9-Less need for water chemicals to keep the fountain clean

10-Over flow drain prevents the fountain from ever being over filled and spilling on your wall or floor


There you have it. When purchasing a floor fountain or wall fountain you may want to see if this can be added to your fountain.


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