Urn Style Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor Classics Rainy Creek Outdoor Fountain

Urns were originally containers to hold the ashes of the dead. The Greeks practiced cremation of the dead, particularly soldiers, and would place the ashes of the dead in these elaborately decorated urns. The practice was also popular in Roman culture where funeral urns were typically displayed together in collective family tombs called columbariums. Urns were ornate pieces of art, capturing the spirit and beauty of a fallen loved one.

Today, urn-style fountains are very popular for the garden. Gracefully and artfully designed, urn fountains will give your garden a very Greco-Roman feel. If you’re looking for a non-traditional fountain to add décor to your outdoors, this style of fountain would be it. Here are three popular urn-style fountains people have loved:

Outdoor Classics Rainy Creek Outdoor Fountain- This one has a unique shell design which amplifies the sound of bubbling water. Made from fiberglass for increased outdoor endurance.

Outdoor Classics Stump Urn Fountain w/LED Light- This fountain combines the look of pottery and wood together. It has a polystone construction which gives it a porcelain feel but with the durability of resin.

Outdoor Classics Designer Floor Fountain- This fountain has a unique, ribbed design which gives the moving water texture as it runs down the side of the fountain, causing it to shimmer in the sunlight.

Rosedale Fountain- This is a great fountain indoors or out. The urn has a bright, mosaic-esque pattern in the front, drawing attention to its visual beauty. Fitted with an LED light to illuminate the fountain at night.






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