How to Winterize a Garden Fountain?

OK, first, what is winterizing? In general, it is a process referring to the precautions we undertake to protect our garden water feature, so it would be capable of enduring the cold temperatures. Most of the outdoor fountains can withstand certain winter conditions that are considered normal, but since water is their integral part, in a way, they are all somewhat prone to cracking or damaging of their vital parts, like the pump or the basin.

So what would be the safest thing to do? Disassembling the whole fountain and putting it in a safe and protected place, like a garage for example, where it will be kept dry and at a medium temperature. But this is not always possible, thus we’ll need to provide the best protection while the garden fountain is outside, exposed to the weather elements.

The first thing we need to do is drain all the water out of the fountain. This way there won’t be any water to freeze and potentially damage the basin or the pump. To even further protect the pump, we can take this part out of the fountain, clean it, and keep it inside the house, where it is safe.

To prevent moisture, or water from the rain and snow outside, from getting into the fountain we should use special waterproof fountain covers (to view some, click here). Additionally, we can place some absorbent material inside the fountain’s basin, to protect it from any moisture that may get underneath the covering. Make sure to periodically check and replace this material as needed.

If the fountain is not well protected, the water that gets inside it can cause significant damage to its appearance and functionality. If the water freezes, the basin, or even the whole fountain, may crack, and water will later leak from those places. For a tiered garden fountain, it is best to separately take off each of the tiers and put them in a protected place.

Remember these easy tips for the next winter season.


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