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Floor Fountains

A Floor Standing Waterfall Can Fill the Space and Bring True Beauty to your Home

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Copper and Stainless Steel Floor Fountains
Stainless steel and glass tends to create more contemporary flair while copper provides a more natural or rustic look. Shop both now.
Glass & Acrylic Floor Fountains
Glass or acrylic standing water walls are beautiful indoors or outdoors.
Slate Floor Fountains
Enjoy the natural beauty of these slate floor fountains as the water cascades down the slate into a basin.
Lightweight Floor Fountains
Made from molded fiberglass, cast alabastrite, or resin these durable floor fountains have a beautiful stone finish.

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When deciding whether to choose a floor fountain or wall fountain think about your space.  Floor standing fountains fit almost anywhere.  They require more space than a wall fountain, but can make a bigger statement if placed correctly.  Floor standing water fountains are great at filling in empty space in a corner, and also make a great addition in an office lobby or entrance way.  Before browsing for the right floor waterfall for you, check out the space in which you plan to place the fountain.  This will help you pick out the right one for you space.  Since there are so many different shapes and styles of floor fountains, having an idea of your space will make making a selection much easier.  If you still need help, you can always call us.  We are here to help.

The floor fountains we offer are constructed of many different materials, such as glass, ceramic, stone, slate, or even marble.  Whether you are looking to transform a room or welcome customers at the office, this is the perfect solution to accomplish both.  They add a sense of professionalism to any office and a sense of peace and quiet to a home.  Everyone will enjoy your new fountain, as it will help to relieve stress and provide some relaxing and serene background noise.

Many companies will bring a floor standing waterfall in to act as a room divider or build one in to a wall niche for all to see.  They also look spectacular at the end of a hallway or behind a reception area.  As a home application floor standing fountains can be used in an entrance way or to divide two rooms.  No matter what your need is you are sure to accomplish beauty and incorporate a piece of serenity with one of these beautiful waterfalls. 

The Water Fountain Place offers many different sizes ranging from as little as 2 feet tall to as high as 10 feet tall.  We offer models that can be placed inside or outside.  But if you do not see what you want, give us a call and let us build you a custom fountain.  You could also browse our commercial fountain section, designed specifically for corporate needs.  For those on a tight budget, check out our Lightweight Floor Fountains above and yo will find water fountains that are generally less expensive than some of our larger glass or stone models.

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