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Grandeur River Floor Fountain

Item#: AD - GR

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Face Material: 
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Grandeur River Floor Fountain

Regular Price: $5,599.00

Our Price: $4,599


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Perfect for lobbies or entry ways this fountain takes water and glass to a whole new level.  The Grandeur River Floor Fountain looks stunning anywhere you decide to place it.  Offering the latest design from Adagio, you can be sure this fountain will make a statement for many years to come.  Featuring a center mount, you can place this fountain just about anywhere.  Water cascades down both glass sides to create a dazzling waterfall that will enjoyed by anyone who sees it. 

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  • Center Mounted Clear glass face with 4 frame options.
  • 60" wide at base x 14" deep x 96" tall; 400 lbs
  • Electric Recirculating Pump and pebbles included, no lighting included. (Lighting options are available)
  • Hand Made in the USA with a 1 year limited warranty. (See full warranty on more info tab)
More Info

This information page are some FAQ’ to help guide you through the Adagio Water Features we carry here at  We are authorized Adagio dealers and are trained to answer your questions so please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-881-4668 and talk to an expert today.

Adagio designs and makes wall mounted and floor standing water features in Salt Lake City, UT.  These are the highest quality water features available and are made right here in the US.  You will find many beautiful finishes along with gorgeous stones to choose from to create the perfect fountain. 

Grandeur River Free Standing Fountain

Glass and Mirror Face:

These are just like they sound, the silver mirror looks just like your standard bathroom mirror, the bronze is tinted a bronze color.  The Clear Glass, just like a window and the blue and green glass has a slight tint to it. 

You will see center mount fountains and flush mount fountains.  The center mount are meant to be viewed from both sides and use clear glass (or blue or green tinted should you choose).  The flush mount water features use a mirror or stone as they are meant to go up against a wall and are only viewable from one side. 

The Metal Hood and Basin:

·         Copper - All the copper components are fashioned from very high-grade copper that is mined in a Utah copper mine. The unique marble-like finish is burned onto the copper one piece at a time by skilled artisans. A clear coat finish (similar to what is used on automobiles) is then applied to the copper to give it a high gloss finish, which creates an added beauty and protects the copper from naturally oxidizing (turning green) in spots over time.

·         Stainless Steel - As an alternative to copper, you can have your metal hood and basin in a beautiful, high quality milled stainless steel. Stainless Steel creates a very contemporary look and is very striking.

·         Blackened Copper – A beautiful powder coated finish over stainless steel or steel creates a look of that old antiqued rocking chair with copper undertones.  Truly beautiful. 

·         Antique Bronze – This finish is available on some fountains as standard and can be quoted for any style.  It is a powder coated bronze color that creates a neutral finish over the steel.

The Spillway Water Distribution System

Unlike many wall and floor fountains on the market where the water comes out of little holes on top and flows down in an uneven way, all the fountains in this series include a state-of-the-art Spillway Water Distribution System that creates 100% Water Coverage in the water flow.


The fountains in this series come with an industrial strength 1/8" thick polypropylene plastic liner, form fitted into the metal tray. This keeps the fountain from dripping or leaking water. Before each fountain leaves the factory, it is water tested 3 times to make sure there is no dripping or leaking.  (If you feel you have a leak the majority of the time the fountain was overfilled and water got outside of this plastic liner.)

Water Usage:

How often you have to add new water to the metal basin depends on the dryness or humidity of your environment. In the summer, water tends to evaporate more quickly, which means you will have to add water more often. In cooler months, you will probably not have to add water that often. You always want to have enough water in the basin so that the pump is fully submerged. If the pump is operating while it is not fully submerged, you can damage it over time.

It is highly recommended to use distilled water with these fountains. We realize that may not always be possible, but do your best. Regular tap water has minerals which can create mineral deposits in your fountain over time, and can possibly shorten the life of your water pump.


·         Copper - It is recommended that about every 60 days, you apply a hard shell car wax to the outside of the copper Water Tray (basin) and upper half front side of the copper Splash Guard. This will help prevent the water from penetrating the clear coat finish. If you get white spotting on your copper and the wax does not remove it, apply Calcium Lime Remover (CLR) or Lime-Away to those spots, and rinse it very thoroughly.

·         Stainless Steel - DO NOT apply wax to the stainless steel. If spotting occurs, apply Calcium Lime Remover or Lime-Away as noted above. . Water - You may apply 1-3 drops of bleach to the water weekly to avoid algae growth and unfavorable odors. Never use more than this; too much bleach will dull the slate.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Each Adagio Water Features carries a year limited warranty.  Please read the details here.

Assembly Instructions
Production Time:5-10 Business Days
Shipping Method:Common Carrier
Contiguous US Shipping:Free Shipping
Hawaii/Alaska Shipping:$259.95
Canada Shipping:$249.95


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