Must-Haves for Creating the Most Lived-In Outdoor Room

What your Outdoor Room Needs to Become The Most Lived-In?

When we are designing our outdoor living area, we can include some aspects that can make that space much more enjoyable and ultimately appear like a continuation of our home interior. Just by incorporating some interior elements, like artwork, a comfy daybed, wood furnishings, a fireplace, or a small dining table for two, into our patio design, we can bring the coziness outside our house.

No matter where we live, our outdoor space is going to succumb to harsh weather conditions year round, whether it’s rain, direct sunlight or even snow. Weather-friendly furnishings are absolutely essential for the comfort of the outdoor living room, and the room will be much more enjoyable if it is shaded from those blaring UV rays, particularly during the summer months. But an outdoor room wouldn’t be entirely complete without a fireplace or fire pit. It’s practical if we like to entertain in the winter, but becomes the perfect accompaniment to summer entertaining, too. We can gather guests around for s’mores in the warmer months or just enjoy the crackle of the fire in the background.

Depending on how close our home is to our neighbors, privacy screens may be an important investment, especially if we frequently entertain or use our outdoor space. We can make this area stylish and private at the same time, by installing a tall, vertical screen that offers shade and keeps the space open, while blocking the views from the surrounding homes, or by adding a vertical garden that’ll make the dining experience more intimate separating the area from the rest of the yard.

Any kind of water feature, a pond, waterfall or bubbling fountain, will make the outdoor area more relaxing. Installing one near the outdoor room will increase the peace and serenity of the whole environment.

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