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Outdoor Fountains

Water Fountains Bring Soothing Sounds to your Gardens and Outdoor Living Space

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Top Selling Outdoor Fountains
Find our most popular outdoor fountains here. All the greatest trends and top sellers for the outdoor water feature category.
Resin & Fiberglass Outdoor Fountains
This collection of lightweight fountains includes tiered fountains, garden wall fountains and a variety of other lightweight garden fountains.
Rock Waterfall Fountains
A rock style waterfall fountain will enhance your outdoor landscaping instantly with beauty and soothing waterfall sounds.
Tiered Fountains
A tiered fountain is the perfect addition to any outdoor landscaped areas for both residential and commercial as a focal point in the courtyard.
Outdoor Stone Fountains
These stone water features are perfect for gardens or other flat open areas in your yard. Great for outdoor decor and soothing sounds.
Lightweight Garden Fountains
These outdoor garden fountains come in various durable materials like resin, wood, slate and stainless steel. Shop a large variety today.
Disappearing Fountains
Disappearing fountains are designed to be placed outside in a pond or to stand on their own. Shop for your outdoor disappearing fountain today.
Birdbath Fountains
The birds along with the sounds of flowing garden fountain water will create an outdoor area you can't wait to get to!
Granite Garden Fountains
Constructed, in most cases, of solid granite, these fountains offer a classic look that will never go out of style.

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Spruce up your Outdoor Area with a Water Fountain

Outdoor fountains are a great addition to any backyard.  Kids love them and adults love to look at them.  If you have a garden, deck, patio, courtyard, or pond, we have your perfect fountain.  Whatever your outdoor decorating style, we have the fountain to fit.  We consider our water fountains works of art, and this applies especially to outdoor water features.  This is because there is often more space for creativity outside, where indoor spaces have many constraints that do not allow the artist to fully capture an idea in a design.

Additionally, you aren’t limited to the number of fountains you place outside. If the fountain is a large one, you may want to consider getting two or more additional smaller ones to augment the big one.  This helps bring out the majesty of the larger fountain.  Sometimes, numerous smaller outdoor fountains can give the right effect.

If you require any assistance in picking out the perfect combination of water fountains for your backyard, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We are committed 100% to your satisfaction.

Getting the Most out of Backyard Fountains

Backyard fountains are beautiful when they are the centerpiece of a garden so it is sad when they just languish in a corner of the yard unseen. In order to get full use out of this piece of garden furniture, make sure it can be seen and enjoyed. Do not allow a fountain to be overshadowed by plants or tucked into a corner that usually goes unvisited.

Keep in mind that outdoor water fountains need to be placed where people will see them. A fountain may seem large when a person is standing next to it, but when it must be viewed from a distance, it becomes evident that it is too small for the area. If the seating area is around a corner of the garden, the fountain may be difficult to view.


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