A Reminder for Water Fountain Care and Maintenance

Eighty percent of the human body is composed of water. There is a natural affinity for water in almost every human being. Invention and subsequent use of fountains, indoor and outdoor is a clear expression of love that humans have for water. Water fountains add serenity to the environment and a touch of class to the surroundings.

Modern technology coupled with miniature integrated electronic circuits, have helped produce excellent fountain pumps at very economic prices. Cleaning a water fountain is essential to prevent the growth of algae and calcium buildup which can damage your water pump.

A large selection of brushes, chemicals and detergents are available in the market for the purpose of regular fountain care.

Here are few simple steps for cleaning and maintaining your water fountain:

  • Turn off your fountain pump. Pour out the water in the fountain basin or scoop it out if too large (shop vacs work great as well!)   Clean the pot with a brush and water. You can also use mild soap for cleaning but be sure to rinse very well so you don’t have a bubbling fountain when you are done. White vinegar is commonly used to clean hard water (white scale) build up from the fountain, rocks and pump.
  •  Mosquitos are common menace. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water. Though water is in a continuous motion in the water fountain, water in some corners may become still enough for the growth of larvae. Clean the fountain bowl and rocks and rinse the white vinegar to discourage the growth of pests like mosquitoes.
  •  A while layer sometimes grows on the walls of the fountain basin where the water level sits. It is actually the calcium present in the water running through the fountain. Calcium deposits can be cleaned with vinegar.

Water fountain pumps require regular care. Algae and calcium buildup can ruin the pump over time. Removing and cleaning the pump at regular intervals will enhance its life. Weather you own an indoor water fountain or an outdoor fountain, care and maintenance are an important factor for keeping your fountain clean at all times for a healthy environment. You can also use a fountain additive such as algae control or white scale control or the fountain cleanser to prolong the need to clean your fountain as often.  Click here to see the fountain care options.

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