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Solar Fountains

Bring Life to your Garden with a Solar Powered Fountain

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Cascade Solar Fountains
Many vibrant colors of these solar cascading fountain styles. Find the perfect one for your garden or patio today.
Tiered Solar Fountains
Most of these tiered fountains powered by solar feature the solar on demand functionality so you can turn them on when the sun it out.
Solar Fountains with Battery Backup
Enjoy your solar fountain even when the sun isn't out. The solar on demand technology allows you to turn on your solar pump when the solar panel is charged and enjoy.
Solar Wall Fountains
Enjoy a solar wall fountain on your deck, patio or garden wall and accent your outdoor living space at the same time.
Other Solar Garden Fountain Styles
These solar garden fountains come in a variety of styles so if you are looking for something unique, this is the category for you!
Solar Bird Baths
These solar powered fountain bird baths look beautiful and the birds love the movement of water as well. Many of the birdbath styles also have battery back up technology. Large selection, shop now!
Floating Solar Fountains
Keep your pond moving and add life with these solar pond fountains. Great for small ponds or pools, many feature battery backup technology.
Solar Fountain Pumps and Panels
Find replacement solar fountain pumps and solar kits to convert electric fountains to outdoor solar fountains.

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Let the Sun Power your Fountain

No need for long electrical cords all over the place, you can place solar water features anywhere.  With all the wonderful styles and colors available you are sure to find the perfect fountain for your deck, garden, patio, or porch.  Simply find a sunny place for the solar panel (included) and your fountain will run when the sun is shining.  On demand solar fountains even let you store the suns energy for night time fountain use.

Solar powered fountains give you the freedom to place them anywhere that gets plenty of sunlight.  You don’t have to install outlets or have ugly cords running through your pristine yard. The relaxation level you will achieve will be greater than if you were simply laying out in the sun.  The flowing sound of water helps people relax, and that relaxation can be yours today! 

Going Green with Solar Powered Fountains in the Garden

Solar fountains are also great conversation pieces.  You can tuck one in a remote corner of your garden that doesn’t have an electrical outlet. Take your guests on a garden tour and surprise them when they come around a bend in the path only to see a bubbling water fountain where they least expect it. Solar power gives you that freedom!

You can also leave solar powered fountains running at all times without increasing electrical costs or adding to pollution. For those who are adamant about decreasing their carbon footprint, a solar powered fountain is a must for the garden. With the current trend of “going green,” everyone will want to know about your new fountain and where you got it.  You can proudly tell them you went to the experts at the Water Fountain Place.

There Are Many Solar Water Fountain Style Options

Because solar fountains have gotten extremely popular, there are more styles than ever to choose from. We carry a wide range of colors of our popular ceramic Cascade Fountains, as well as different solar birdbaths, pond, floor and wall fountains. We also carry replacement pumps, panels and cords. For DIY-ers, we have kits that let you create your own or repurpose an electric fountain to a solar powered fountain. You’re sure to find exactly what you need!

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