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Wall Fountains

Wall Waterfalls and Wall Mounted Fountains

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Slate Wall Fountains
These slate wall mounted fountains make a great addition to any room in the house, or in any office or building lobby.
Lightweight Slate Fountains
Decorate today with a lightweight wall waterfall and enjoy the relaxing water sounds! Copper and slate options available.
Copper Wall Fountains
Add a copper wall fountain to an entrance way or any wall in your home and it will quickly become your favorite work of art.
Stainless Steel Wall Fountains
A contemporary wall fountain can go in any room in the house. Stainless steel makes for a beautiful waterfall with style.
Garden Wall Fountains
These lightweight, durable garden wall fountains offer many charming designs that are tributes to old world cultures.
Mirror Waterfalls
Mirror wall fountains are some of the most elegant and classy fountains we offer here at the Water Fountain Place.
Art Wall Fountains
Art wall fountains combine art and fountains to create a beautiful piece to add to any home or office.

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Stunning Water Features for Walls

Add elegance and charm to any room with a wall fountain.  Designers and architects love to use fountains as part of the decor when designing a home or office.  Not only do they add beauty but also bring you soothing water sounds to calm and relax you everyday.  Water fountains come in many beautiful materials such as copper, stainless steel, slate, marble, glass and resin. You are sure to find the perfect wall waterfall to hang in your home or office. 

Wall mounted water fountains exude style, class, and sophistication.  If you have some empty wall space in your home, office, or game room, perhaps a fountain or waterfall is the choice for you.  Water Fountain Place has a great selection of wall waterfalls for you to choose from.  We are one of the most popular retailers of wall fountains on the Internet.

Design and Installation Considerations

You do not have to go to architecture school to know that wall fountains can make or break a space in your home or office.  While the potential to add a touch of art is there, you must be careful not to purchase one that is either too big or too small for the desired wall.  Before purchasing a wall fountain, you should also ensure that your wall is capable of holding the weight of your chosen fountain.  You may also want to consider hiring a contractor to install very large fountains, but most standard ones can be done yourself if you have an extra hand.  If you have any questions about installation or delivery, please give us a call.  Everyone at the Water Fountain Place is committed to your satisfaction.

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