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Water Fountain Tips and Ideas

Below you will find some fun facts and ideas about water fountains of all types.  Read about indoor and outdoor fountains, wall fountains, table fountains and even find some tips on interior design with fountains and water fountain care.

Tip #1: Backyard Fountain Basics: Choosing the Right Space

When choosing space for a backyard fountain, it is important to locate the outdoor fountain in a place everyone can enjoy. There is no sense spending the time and money to plan a feng shui fountain when it’s built at a far corner of the yard where no one dares visit. Ideal locations should provide a combination of solitary space with functionality. Many homeowners find it easier to think of the backyard fountain as an extension of the indoor space when choosing placement.

According to the art of feng shui, water fountains should be located in the North, East or Southeast section of the outdoor space. North signifies career and life path. East supports family and health. Southeast is for prosperity and abundance. A backyard fountain should not be located in the south because the South represents Fire which conflicts with water. 
What many people may not consider when choosing the perfect spot is the location relative to a water source. If the fountain is located hundreds of feet away from the outdoor hose, cleaning can become a hassle. While safety is always first, homeowners can have their beauty and enjoy it too with just the right placement of a garden fountain.
Tip #2: Cleaning Outdoor Fountains: Quick and Easy 3 Step Guide
Cleaning outdoor fountains can be time consuming project that requires hours of intense scrubbing and lots of green slimy algae. Or you can save yourself a lot of time with a quick and easy process that takes less than an hour from start to finish for a small to average sized fountain. If the water fountain cleaning is on a “honey do” list, make sure no one realizes how easy the outdoor fountain is to care for and take a little extra time to gain some sympathy points.

Step 1: Unplug the filter. Wipe off outside. Remove debris. Take off casing. Remove debris from inside. Reassemble.
Step 2: Drain water. Use a mild detergent to remove algae, dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly. Replace water.
Step 3: Refill water. Add proper chemicals. Replace filter. Plug filter into electrical source.

That’s it. Cleaning outdoor fountains may seem like a daunting task and you may want him, or her, to continue believing that for a very long time while you relax in a comfy chair and catch some rest and relaxation because you have the quick three step process down to a pat.
Tip #3: Keeping Water Fountains Clean with Daily Maintenance
Do you need a reason to get away from the kids for an hour a night. This could be the perfect time to claim you are keeping water fountains clean in the backyard. In all reality, maintenance takes only a few moments, but a splash of water on your clothes and a smear of algae on the cheek is enough to convince anyone you are truly dedicated to a beautiful fountain.
Regular maintenance, between cleanings, is simple. All homeowners have to do is fish out any fallen leaves, twigs or bugs from the surface water. Testing the water for correct pH level or treating for algae is sometimes required, but that takes only a few seconds. From time to time, it is helpful to remove any floating artificial lily pads or water features and give them a good washing before returning them to active duty aside or inside your outdoor fountain.

In order to keep up the charade, when the time comes to clean the filter and inside of the garden fountain, take your time and spend at least twice the time your partner thinks it takes for daily maintenance. That way you can literally “drain” fountain cleaning for all it’s worth.
Tip #4: Backyard Waterfall Fountain
If a homeowner has the desire to create a better yard, a backyard waterfall fountain serves as an excellent choice. Whether one likes the positive energy it brings or the smoothing sound of flowing water, a waterfall fountain will only increase the beauty of a backyard. The size of the backyard and price are tremendous factors for the purchasing process. However, with a custom fountain, ones pool, garden and overall backyard landscape will be more visually appealing.
It is also a good idea to use crystals and stones around the fountain to allure those who view it. A popular type of fountain that many individuals are unaware of is the feng shui fountain. This is a unique, oriental fountain that is known for bringing the energy of water and strengthening beneficial air.

Outdoor wall fountains are another excellent choice because these large centerpieces mount nicely on walls and fences. Popular choices for waterfall fountains are synthetic stone and fiberglass. Synthetic stone simulates natural cut stone while fiberglass is a covering material made of glass fibers in resins.
Tip #5: Custom Indoor Water Fountains
A custom indoor fountain has many positive factors for business owners and homeowners. Scientific proof has even showed that the air in the room will be better and the relaxing sounds of the water fountain have the ability to let people forget about life, if only for a short amount of time.
Unlike a garden fountain, feng shui fountain, outdoor wall fountain and outdoor fountain, a custom indoor water fountain greatly stands out. This is because of the ionic air purifiers that exist within a custom indoor water fountain. This literally allows the air to always be charged with positive and negative ions. Negative ions are known to be found in the most peaceful settings and consist of tasteless and invisible molecules. When at the beach or in the mountains, we inhale these ions.
From a psychological perspective, the ions increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved with sleep, depression and memory. The ions from the indoor fountain will make one feel better in ways unimaginable. Scientific evidence confirms it. If anything else, not many people have a custom water fountain, one will be able to show off and makes guests envy them.

Tip #6: Winterizing Your Cast Stone Patio Water Fountain
Cast stone water fountains add a certain charm and appeal to any outdoor setting especially a patio. How does one ensure that this exquisite piece of craftsmanship stays intact and continues to look spectacular even through the harsh winter months? Since the concrete in a cast stone garden fountain is porous in nature it tends to absorb water. Cold weather causes the water trapped in the pores to freeze and expand and this may cause the concrete to crack. To avoid this, ideally the water fountain should be allowed to dry up much before winter sets in and ensure it remains dry through the winter.

Experts would also suggest reinforcing the foundation before any outdoor fountain is installed to avoid ground moisture from seeping into the concrete. You could also use surface sealers manufactured specifically for concrete surfaces that can applied as soon as the surface of the fountain is done. These sealers form a protective gel like layer that ensures the integrity of the surface and provides protection against the forces of nature. While investing in some classy décor for your patio it would be wise to spend just a little bit more to ensure that your money is well spent and your cast stone patio water fountain gets to live a full life.

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