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Water Fountains

Bring Beauty to your Home Today with an Indoor or Outdoor Water Fountain

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Tabletop Fountains
If you are new to water fountains or have a table that needs an added touch, a tabletop fountain will be the perfect fit.
Wall Fountains
A wall water fountain can truly add a breathtaking piece to any room, home or office. Indoor and outdoor styles available.
Floor Fountains
Looking to transform a room or welcome customers at the office? This type of fountain is the perfect solution to accomplish both.
Outdoor Fountains
Find the most amazing style fountains for your backyard or any outdoor space. Many styles, sizes and materials.
Solar Fountains
Bring life to your garden or outdoor space with a solar water fountain. Many styles available so shop now.
Custom Fountains
Design a custom water feature today. Free quote and many examples available to find the perfect fit for your project.
Commercial Fountains
Amaze your clients and customers with a commercial water fountain and add your logo for extra advertising!
Water Fountains by Price
We have everything from discount water fountains to luxury fountains!
Fountain Cleaning, Pumps and Accessories
Replacement fountain pumps, lighting, cleaning and care and outdoor covers and so much more for water fountains.

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A water fountain can add beauty and elegance to your landscape or home, indoors or out.  As you browse our wide assortment of fountains, keep in mind the space considerations required for the size fountain you desire.  Most indoor and outdoor fountains are made to be self-contained units and manually filled as necessary.  With larger models you can sometimes add an auto fill system so you can hook it up to a water line but that is not necessary as they are made to stand alone.  Water fountains are simply refilled as the water gradually evaporates.

If you are hesitant to purchase a fountain because you are concerned the maintenance will be too much, you will be happy to know that maintaining a fountain is cheap and easy.  A wall fountain or tabletop fountain requires the least amount of attention.  Click here to read about Water Fountain Cleaning and Care to see how easy it is.  If you have any questions about purchasing a fountain, shipping, or any water fountain questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our #1 priority is your happiness and satisfaction with the product.  We are positive a water feature can help you, call us and we will help you find it.

Water Fountains and Relaxation » Feng Shui and Water Fountains

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    Water Fountains for Health and Wellness?
    Companies and individuals are always trying to find ways to better their mental well being whether it be with a healthier lifestyle, more exercise, quitting smoking, more peaceful sleep, less stress etc.  More and more we are seeing companies come up with wellness programs and individuals seeking ways they can incorporate a healthier style of [...]
    Enjoy the Countless Benefits of a Water Feature in your Office
    Water fountains are amazing products that can be either used at home or office. By having a fountain either small or large in size in your office or garden you can enjoy numerous benefits. It is easy to have a water fountain in your office, you can either have a table top water fountain or [...]
    Feng Shui Fountains for the Chinese New Year
    Last week brought the Chinese New Year, beginning the Year of the Rabbit. To celebrate, why not add a touch of traditional Chinese aesthetic to your home with a feng shui fountain? Feng shui has been around for thousands of years, and its history is far too involved to get into here (but not here). [...]
    Feng Shui Water Features
    Feng shui water fountains may look great to any environment. Believing you at peace puts you in peace and leads the path towards success.
    Water Fountains and Feng Shui Effects
    Water fountains have the ability to bring the Feng shui effect, water contains negative molecules and through compression these molecules can produce the energy called ‘Chi’ to bring the Feng shui effects.
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